Church in Manchester

Today we slept in until 7am. We didn’t have to be to church until 10:30am. Not sure why, they don’t share the building with another unit. Getting there was interesting. We had to take a taxi and he wasn’t quite sure where the church was. Not that we could tell him where it was, and none of the addresses seem clear to us to even help out.

Anyway, sacrament first, then Sunday school, and then RS/PH. Sacrament was fine, just like home. They had someone from their stake speaking. Sunday school was also like home. The only main thing that was different is that the teacher used a power point as a tool to her lesson and it seemed that she did it each Sunday; and said some of the other wards that she had been too throughout England used power point during Sunday school. Interesting. RS was the same at home. Though most of the time seemed to be devoted to a combined RS/YW choir that is to sing next week. The lesson was on temples and I think that was the lesson at home this Sunday.

There were also three sets of elders and a set of sister missionaries in this ONE ward. Andrew says that that isn’t uncommon in Europe and that one of the ones on his mission had anywhere between 4 to 8 sets to a ward. One of the Elders we talked to was from Utah and he was happy to hear us speak…it had been a while sense he had heard an American accent.

When it was time to go home we tried to call a taxi to come and get us. I’m not sure if we dialed the number wrong or if it was just Andrew’s phone (which doesn’t seem to be working right on this trip). Anyway we went in to ask if someone could call for us and we ended up getting a ride home from one of the brethren. It was a nice ride…a Mercedes. It was nice in another way too…it must be the way the bus drivers and taxi drivers drive but it was making me sick to my stomach. Riding back with the member was much nicer and I was not sick on that ride.

So now we are home and might not do anything else today. Andrew works Monday – Thursday. Not sure yet what I’m going to do but I know going to the spa is happening one day. :)

Andrew did ask about the lack of trash cans around London and the member that gave us a ride told us that there were people placing bombs in them and so they got rid of most of them. London wasn’t always clean and the member said that people would just throw the trash on the ground. Then just a few years ago they started cracking down and charging fines for those who littered. People now carry their trash around with them and throw it away when they can. Interesting.

Here are somethings that I didn’t post in the last blog but just remembered.

The train ride had more “turbulence” than either of our plane flights. I hope the rest of them are like that. The plane rides were like being in a bumpy car ride. So far I have been lucky (knock on wood). None of my flights that I have ever taken have had bad turbulence.

We are being really careful when we buy things because for every one pound its $1.80!!!

Andrew is still working on the pictures and just might get them up today. But we will see. You know Andrew, they have to be PERFECT! :)

Speaking of pictures, this one (for those who don’t know) is of Buckingham Palace. We got there right at the time that they changed the guards but because we were there right when it started we really couldn’t see anything. But we were there.


  1. Linda Love says:

    I wondered if you had a chance to ask about old LDS chapels in Manchester. That was one of the earliest missions where a lot of the early brethren served. Of course early LDS history is not so early compared to the history of England. Anyway – just wondered. What was the chapel you attended like? Was it old or a modern chapel?

  2. Kara says:

    We didn t ask much about church history. The chapel was a modern one and bigger than ours. There were about 100-150 members that were there on Sunday but I don t know how many were on the roll. There weren t many children though. Less than Smyrna and we have about 40 children. But it was fun and interesting listening to them talk about church history (what happened in the States). It s so far away to them. :)

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