Flight and London

The flight from Nashville to Atlanta went well. The only annoying thing about that flight was the woman sitting next to me was coughing up a lung. The flight from Atlanta to Manchester also went well. The only annoying that about that flight was the 16 month old baby that cried off and on the entire flight. Once we were here it was pretty easy to get a cab to the hotel. The hotel it ok, the room is a little small with three bags to maneuver around. We tried really hard to stay up as late as we could but only made it to 7pm. We had been up for about 36 hours by that point.

Today we got up at 5am, with no problems after going to bed at 7pm. We got on the train to London just before 7am and spent the whole day there. It was really amazing. Once we got off the train, we got on the subway to take us right to were we wanted to be…Parliament. We got off the subway and as we got to street level the first thing you saw was Big Ben! That is the picture that is on this blog, our first real look of London. We went everywhere (and boy did our feet hurt!!!), as you will see from the pictures that Andrew will post (but he his really about to fall asleep and there is no telling when they will get posted.) :) We got back to Manchester around 7pm. The train ride was about 2.5 hours. We spent ALL DAY there. It was great.

The train and subway rides were interesting, because of the interesting people we saw. We had a group of collage age boys that were on the train to London. They were already drinking at 8am and one even said that he didn’t have breakfast yet. HMMM. Then while travailing on the subway I saw this old gay guy walking off the subway wearing a short sleeve and shorts one piece, sparkling, red spandex. Nasty. Not something that I wanted to see.

To use a public bathroom, most of the time you had to pay 30 pence or 60 cents. That was crazy and that weren’t any cleaner than the US public bathrooms. Then there was the issue of throwing away ANYTHING! We hardly saw a single trash can all through London. We just left our lunch trash at the table because we didn’t see a trash can. And we really looked for one too. But even though you couldn’t find a trash can ANYWHERE, the city was really clean. But who knows what they do with their trash?!?

The weather over the last two days has been nice. NICER THAN NASHVILLE AND POINTS SOUTH!!! HEHEHE! :) Yesterday was about 65 and today was around 70. So nice and hardly any rain.

Off to church tomorrow. Might blog again depending on how that goes.

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  1. Linda Love says:

    Keep the blog posting coming. It sounds like a great trip already.

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