Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Andrew is here to work and had to work Monday through Thursday.

Monday I roamed the halls of the hotel to see what I can find. There is a pool here and a workout room and the spa. They also have a lot of courtyards here too but there is nowhere to sit so I’ve not gone outside to just hang out. We have a nice view of one of the courtyards from our room.

Tuesday I went to the spa. It was so nice. I had a Stress Therapy Massage, Reflexology, and a Indian Head Massage. I was there for about 2.5 hours. Very awesome.

Today I don’t have anything planned to do. Might go for a walk later. Andrew and I seem to still not have an appetite. Not sure what that is all about. The only meal either of us seem to eat is lunch. For example, yesterday I had two pieces of toast for breakfast, lunch was a salad, and dinner was a slice of cake. Seriously. And I’m not hungry at all. I only had toast this morning and salad again for lunch. I didn’t have lunch until about 1:30. I wonder if it is the traveling or just England. We will have to see how our appetites are in Germany.

Something that I forgot in my earlier post…when we were on the train there was this man sitting behind us. Which was fine until he leaned forward. I don’t think he had taken a bath in a while. It was gross. And he wasn’t the only person that we encountered like that. Eww.

Andrew has gotten the pictures mostly finished, but has to still post them. I’ll try and get him to do it tonight. After getting all the panoramas together he is down to like 50 pictures.

To let you all know what is coming up…Thursday is a repeat of today, Friday we have to change hotels, Saturday is totally devoted to Edinburgh. Sunday we fly out to Germany.

I will try and blog on Friday. Saturday we are leaving early and returning late so I don’t think I will be able to blog until Monday after flying all day Sunday. Won’t blog until Monday late because we are going to the castle. :)

The picture is of Tower Bridge. It’s not one of ours but we do have a picture of it. Had to use some other picture because Andrew isn’t here to give me ours. They are on his computer.


  1. Linda Love says:

    I noticed you spend a whole extra day in Manchester on Friday. Got anything planned? Will you get a chance to get out in the countryside, or take bus and look around town? Are you changing hotels because it is the end of the business trip and beginning of vacation? Thanks for the blogs. It s fun to follow.

  2. Kara says:

    Not sure yet what we are going to do after changing hotels. We are changing because the one we are at was full when we tried to extend the stay. I don t think we are changing hotels until around lunch time. That doesn t leave much time to do anything. But we will see.

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