Neuschwanstein Castle

Today we took a 3 hour car ride to Neuschvanstein Castle. It was a beautiful ride to the castle. Once we were there and got our tickets we had to wait an hour before we could go up and take the tour. You go through floors one, three, and four. Two was never finished and now has a gift shop on it. Everyroom was beyond beautiful and all different.

We werent allowed to take pictures inside and so all of our pictures are from outside. But there are around 75 or them. We went to the bridge to get the best pictures of it, and wouldnt you know that its covered with scaffolding to work on that side of it. The picture is the castle that I got from the net.

Andrew is working on all the pictures and when we get home all he will have to do is upload them and lable them. There is no way to upload them while we are here.

Tomorrow we are off to Berlin. We will be there two days. Watch Andrew’s twitter and facebook to find out what we are doing. Might not blog again until Wednesday night or Thursday morning.


  1. Linda Love says:

    It is like a fairyland castle…

  2. Rebecca says:

    It really was a wonderfull day! I am so glad to have you both around and I hope you have a good time in Berlin. I wish we could have got vacation from work to come with you… Till tomorrow morning! ;)

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