Thursday, Changing hotels, Edinbrough, Flights, Germany!

Ok lets see if I can type this without typos. The z and the y are switched on the German keyboard. And a couple of of other keys are also different. It’s been a pain. GRR!

Okay, Thursday was the same as Monday – Wednesday that I posted in the last blog. So not really much to report there.

Friday we had to change hotels. I don’t really remember the reason why but we did. So the things we didn’t like about the Marriot we liked about the Crown Plaza. The things that we liked about the Marriot we hated in the Crown Plaza. The food was way better at the Crown Plaza…but I still don’t really have an appetite. Andrew’s is getting better but mine is not. Now in the Marriot we had a king size bed; in the Crown Plaza it was like walking into a 50’s sitcom. There were two SINGLE BEDS!!! Hello!?! It was crazy. But we only had two nights there and it was not so bad.

Saturday we went up to Edinbrough. It was AWESOME!!!! Andrew took almost 300 picutes. Some of them will be connected together to make panoramas but there are still a lot of singles. A lot from the train ride of the Scottish country side. We got up around 430 in the morning and didnt get back until around 8pm. We walked everywhere! It was great!

Today we have been traveling from Manchester to Zurich to Germany!! The flights went well. The first just around 2 hours and the second around an hour. Not bad. We are staying at Sali’s sister’s place. She is on vacation for the week and said we could use it while she was gone. Its a nice appartment. After Rebecca picked us up from the airport we came to the house. We had pizza for dinner, we were just too tired to do much of anything else. Tonight we are alone, the stores are closed here on Sunday and Sali and Rebecca were not able to get an air bed so tomorrow they are going to get one and spend the rest of the week with us, I think.

Well, I am going to go and get ready for bed. Tomorrow we are off to the castle. Lots of pictures to come once we are home. You all will have to just wait until then. The picture is of a room with single beds. Its not ours, Andrew will post ours when we get home, but this is about what it looked like.

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  1. Linda Love says:

    Looking forward to the pictures from Scotland and Germany. It will take hours just to look at all of them.

    Have fun

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