Andrew and I just spent two wonderful days in Berlin. There was so much to do and see, I’m surprised that we got in all that we did. There really is only two ways to see Berlin, one: going on the bus tours or two: having someone know where stuff is to take you there. The two days run together so I really couldn’t tell you what we saw on what day without the pictures. Andrew did show me some of the places he lived and ate at while he was in Berlin on his mission. We even saw one of the churches that he went to on one of his transfers. That was cool. It was hot and sticky the two days we were there. I don’t think that it would have been so bad if we were not carrying our backpacks all over the place. The first day we went to one of the cathedrals. Not knowing that we could, we started in the crypt and worked our way up to the bottom part of the dome. There were so many stairs and some were tight spirals. We were pretty much done after that.

We stayed at another Crown Plaza and it was way better than the one in England. Because we had a lower rate room we had our own beds again but the room was so much nicer that I really didn’t mind this time.

Later today we are off to Prague. Today it is going to be hot again but I wont have my backpack. Andrew will have his though, but without as much stuff in it.

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