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Friday Andrew and I spent the morning relaxing. Rebecca came over and we went into Furth (the city that she lives in) to meet up with my aunt and two other cousins. We had dinner in the old part of town. And as it was throughout Germany, the food was AMAZING! Any weight I lost in England I got back in Germany. It was nice to be with family and meet Sarah for the first time. Friday was a very nice and relaxing day.

Saturday Rebecca took us to Nuremberg to see the sites. We had already seen the place where the Nuremberg Trials were held and this day we went into the old part of Nuremberg. There was this one church (pictured) that at noon everyday the clock tower had figures moving around. Andrew has a video of it that he will post one of these days. We will let you know when we have the rest of the pictures posted. Nuremberg, like Furth, is a very beautiful city.

Later that afternoon Rebecca took us, by subway, to the airport. It was sad to say goodbye but we were both ready to come home. The flight to Zurich wasn’t bad, but we had a 11.5 hour layover. The good part about that is the airport has what they call day rooms, a hotel inside the airport. It was comfortable too!

We got up the next day to fly to Manchester. Switched carriers, and flew to Atlanta. That flight was pretty good, long, but good. Once in Atlanta we found out that our plane was delayed about an hour. Not too bad but we were ready to be home after 9 hours on the plane.

After landing in Nashville, Linda picked us up and brought us home. The first thing we realized was that our house was so much bigger than we remembered it being after spending two weeks in hotel rooms and a German apartment. To give you an idea how small the apartment was; our master bedroom is about the same size as Sali’s sister’s living room!!!

By the time we went to bed last night was had been up a little over 24 hours. We both still have jet lag…but we are pushing ourselves to readjust to the real world just like we pushed ourselves to adjust to vacation life. :)

Now I’m having to readjust to having a keyboard to type on instead of a laptop keyboard.

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  1. Linda Love says:

    What a beautiful church! Looking forward to the rest of the pictures.

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