We had a wonderful day with Sali and Rebecca in Prague! What a BEAUTIFUL city. We have a lot of pictures for this city too. We even have two videos of this guy playing Bach on an accordion. It was crazy but he was really good. Andrew, of course, knows the names of the songs, so you will have to ask him. It was three hours to Prague, and we thank Sali for driving us there and back. We walked around for a while after having a hard time trying for find the right spot to get started at. Everything that everyone has said about how beautiful Prague is is so true. It was so nice.

Tomorrow is a relaxing day for us. We are staying at the apartment most of the day. My Aunt Rose and cousins Trisha and Sarah are coming over to visit. Then if we are up to it we are going to go around Nuremberg to see what there is to see.

Saturday we will spend packing and getting ready to leave. Then we have 1.5 days of flying to do.

I can’t wait for us to get home so we can post all of the pictures that we haven’t been able to yet. Of course, I don’t want to leave either. There is so much more to see and do. And the time to spend with my family while I’m here. The picture is one from the net and is of Prague.

I wonder if I’ll remember how to drive when I get home…it’s been so long. :)

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  1. Linda Love says:

    Wow. It is a beautiful city.

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