March 2013

So…March started off not quite on the foot that I was hoping it would.

The VERY first day of March was spent at the orthopedic doctor’s office because two days before that Andrew fell and dislocated his patella…again. After 1 MRI, 2 PT visits, and 3 orthopedic visits (one of those being to a new, more experienced orthopedic doctor), we found out that Andrew REALLY messed up his knee. Not only did he dislocate the patella, he cracked the patella, has damaged AND missing cartilage, and has an indention in his femur. The doctor’s exact words were, “This is NOT a text book case and the surgery is going to be really hard.” Those are ALWAYS words you want to hear from a doctor! His surgery is scheduled for April 15th. The surgery could take 3-5 hours!! He will be in the hospital for 2-3 days and not really allowed to do anything thing the first 2-3 weeks, other than going to the doctor. My man really knows how to injure himself!! (I really need to get a new picture of Andrew with his cane or crutches…maybe even a hospital picture.)

In May I was going to watch Shannon and Rusty’s girls, Caitlin and Alaina, but because Andrew has to have surgery the doctor said that I can’t watch the girls. Andrew will still need my undivided attention. I wonder what would have happened if we did have a child? I’m really bummed that I can’t watch the girls. I was really looking forward to it. :(

Andrew also had all his cystic fibrosis appointments this month. We’ve been to Vanderbilt twice this month and have to go again next month before the surgery. We spend a lot of time there.

The second day of March, which just happened to be my 33rd (yikes!!) birthday, P!NK was in town and mom got tickets for my sister and I for our birthdays. Megan ended up not being able to go so Eric took her ticket (his birthday is in March too! More on that later.) Mom, Eric, and I had a fantastic time!!! We went to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner and then walked over to the concert. It SNOWED the whole time. Good thing the concert was in Bridgestone. The snow didn’t stick, it just made everything pretty. P!NK has to be one of the top 3 concerts I have been to; and I’ve been to A LOT of concerts!!  Totally amazing time! (Boo! My videos are too big. Had to get get pictures off the internet.)

Ethan turned one!

The weather is still nuts. Just wish that it would stay about 70*-75* with a nice breeze for 2-3 weeks.

My brother, Eric, had his 32nd birthday. He is almost my Irish twin.

Went to Linda’s for Easter on the 30th.

Went to my dad’s for Easter on 31st.

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  1. Mama Dawson says:

    Was a busy month indeed. Hope all goes well with the surgery and that no matter what the drs say Andrew has a very speedy recover for your sake. Love you.

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