June 2013

June was much more manageable than May was.

A lot less physical therapy to keep up with. Andrew still had to go three times a week this month but only one doctor’s appointment. Andrew went from crutches to a cane to not using anything other than his knee brace all in this one month. He is recovering but not fast enough for the doctors. More on that later.

I was able to watch Caitlin and Alaina a couple of times this month.

I have been tutoring Hunter and Isabella about three days a week.

Noah and Caitlin both turned 9 this month!! What the heck happened to the time…who hit the fast forward button on life!!!??

I was finally able to go do fun shopping without having to worry about Andrew and not have the CPM keeping me stuck at home.

We finally made it back to church after an 8 week absence!!

Most days are full of at home PT. 10 exercises twice a day and one of the exercises is 5x a day. When Andrew saw the assistant surgen and he said that if there isn’t a dramatic increase in his range of motion by July 2, then the surgen is going to recommend that Andrew have “surgery” to manipulate the scar tissue. That pretty much means they are going to knock him out and bend his knee for him to the desired range of motion, breaking up the scar tissue in the process. He meets with the surgeon on July 2nd. So we will have to wait and see how that goes. July could end up being an interesting month.

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  1. Mama says:

    I am so proud of you blogging this whole year so far!!! I hope all goes well with Drew this week. Love you!

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