July 2013

Busy, busy, busy…

Andrew had PT three days a week all month long. He also saw the surgeon and he decided that he wasn’t going to do the procedure that they talked about doing last month because ┬áthere is a chance of collapsing the femur again!! So it has been PT, PT, PT. He was allowed to not use the brace anymore so that is good. Andrew is just suppose to work really hard with his PT. He is up to 128 degrees (warmed up). He goes next week to see the surgeon again. We will see how much he has improved functionally.

I’ve spent three days a week tutoring my sister kids. They are a smart couple of kids. I’ll only have them three more times before they start school! What am I going to do with myself?!? I’ve spent the last two years teaching Isabella!!

It has been the rainiest, coolest July that I can remember…and I LIKE IT!!

We booked another cruise!!! We are hoping to do this one without an injury!

Got tickets to go see Mumford and Sons in Birmingham Sept 9th!! That is nine days after mine and Shannon’s trip to Ohio to see them!!

Had dinner one night with my friend, Priscilla.

After a fun day of taking the kids bowling for their very first time I had to call my doctor about my wrist. When I was a kid I hurt it doing a cartwheel. I knew bowling would aggravate the injury but bowling is fun. I’ve pretty much reinjured my hand and now I get to start PT on Friday…yeah!! Now we BOTH have PT.

Spent one day with the Hairrs. We went out to eat and made some homemade ice cream. Now Andrew is wanting an ice cream maker.

Meet up with some of Andrew’s cousins for dinner one night.

Andrew found an amazing deal on airline tickets to Paris!!! Thanksgiving weekend will be spent in PARIS!!!!

My dad is selling his car…let me know if you are interested.

Mom stayed the night one night after bringing my sister’s kids back from her place. We just hung out and watched the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. She had never seen it before!!

Next month doesn’t look to be a busy. I’ll have to start a new normal not having Isabella.

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  1. Mama says:

    now you can rest….and I want to watch it again. I think I will enjoy it more if I am not as tired. I want to go to Paris too! :-(

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